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Foundation construction requires the use of various materials and tools. Concrete pilings are one of the necessary implements. They serve as the construction base in situations where extra support is needed. However, your project site’s soil quality and condition will dictate the choice of these materials.

We understand that concrete pilings are essential for setting deep foundations. To ensure the success and effectiveness of your project, the pilings used must be well-reinforced. Our concrete pilings are the best in the market with assured lateral support. If you want installations marked with no spoils, we are your ideal candidates.

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About Mackay Concrete Pilings

·     They are built of varying sizes and shapes.

·     They are affordable, and installation is easy with a professional.

·     They are becoming popular in residential, marine, and multi-story foundations.

·     Besides new constructions, they come in handy during foundation repairs where extra stability and structure reinforcement are needed.

·     There is variation in types.

Types of Concrete Piles

Precast Concrete Piles 

They are used where reinforcement and strength are needed to prevent potential refraction inflicted by lateral loads. These piles are made of different shapes and dimensions.

Cast in-situ piles

The word “in-situ” means on-site. The builder will drill a hole on the soil and drive in this steel cast pile to install these piles. 

Why and When to Consider Concrete Piling Services

The type of concrete pile used will depend on the structural application. However, the decision to consider concrete piling will be influenced by; 

The soil quality 

Where the foundation is to be constructed- poor soils will require extra foundation reinforcement. This will prevent your structure from sinking, collapsing, or inclining.

Expansive levels of your site soil

Some soils do shrink or expand, causing ground movement and adverse damages to unsupported foundations. Thus, foundations built on expansive soils require support with concrete pilings. 

Do You Know Why?

  • To resist any upward pressure subjected to your foundation – failure to protect your foundation will cause damages to your structure.

To combat lateral weights exerted on your building’s foundation.

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How to Establish the Right Concrete Pilings for Your Project

Quality control is a critical process in every project implementation. However, it becomes a challenge without expert help. That’s where our qualified and certified engineers step in to ensure you get tested concrete piles that conform to industry requirements.

We will issue you a proof of; 

  • Non-destructive test results.
  • Approved procedures employed in building the concrete piles.
  • List of materials used in the construction process.

General concrete test results.

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Are you looking for concrete pilings to help strengthen your foundation and overall property’s integrity? Call us now. We specialize in concrete pilings and have the technical expertise needed for slab jacking, piling, and correcting drainage issues. 

More so, whether you need a repair, new construction, or renovations, we are here to mend past, current, and future foundation defects. For consultations and free estimates, don’t hesitate to contact us!