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Concrete Foundations in Mackay, Queensland

Concrete foundations are the most dependable types of foundations and are the go to for builders in Mackay. Their stability is the cornerstone of the structure that will be built on top of it. Never take chances in erecting these foundational structures. Mackay Concrete pros are here t help you out.

This is our specialty; we know how to lay solid concrete foundations that can last a lifetime. We understand that a foundation impacts the overall outcome of the project. Thus, our contractors are always meticulous when executing site preparations and all other foundation construction procedures.

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Why Use Concrete Foundations?

Our engineers are well versed in what they do. We examine your site and make recommendations that are best suited for your concrete foundation. Then these benefits come in handy: 

  • Little or no maintenance – concrete foundations have a lengthier lifespan. They don’t decay. Thus, no need for everyday maintenance. 

  • Offer protection – concrete is fireproof, meaning your foundation can contain a fire, allowing you to evacuate the building before the fire spreads out.
  • Offer added stability – compare the strength of foundation materials, and concrete will take the lead. Its foundations are never affected by soil movement or ground shifts.

If you are looking for a reliable shallow, deep or concrete slab foundation, go with concrete. Besides being sturdy, it will last longer and can be reinforced with steel to achieve extra strength.

*Note that the structural load, the soil bearing capacity, the water table, the topographic features, and the type of structure will determine the foundation you choose for your project.

What Is There To Know About Concrete Foundations?

Know the following for the basic knowledge of your project:

  • The existing property slopes will determine the design and preparation of your foundation
  • Proper drainage is needed to ensure no water flows towards your building; since the foundation must always be dry.
  • The soil type will influence the choice of the drainage system fitted in your concrete foundation. Remember, the water penetration rate is different in every soil type. Meaning the drainage system placed on a concrete foundation seating on clay soil differs from the same foundation built on sandy soil. 
  • A concrete foundation can support buildings and structures of various sizes, however will needed to be designed to match your buildings specifications.
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Get Quality Concrete Foundation Services in Mackay

We have the capability and technical expertise to construct wear-resistant, durable, and strong concrete foundations. All the MacKay customers can confirm this fact. In fact, 95% of concrete foundations services we undertake are from repeat customers! 

Do you have any upcoming concrete foundation projects, contact us now! Our dedicated staff will promptly respond to your inquiries. Remember, we don’t issue a quote before assessing the project site.